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Vitapol Smakers Snack contains natural ingredients of the highest quality in carefully selected proportions. These snacks with their unique tastes and nutritional characteristics are intended for finches and parrots. The form of the Smakers stimulates the natural eating habits of birds in the wild. The structure of the snack consists of three layers including the base made of millet grain, a wheat layer, and an individually designed external mixture. The size of the Smakers is matched to the sizes of the various species of birds and their feeding capabilities. Easily Attaches to Most Cages, not baked.



Yellow millet, red sorghum, red millet, oat groats, flax seed, peanut, safflower seed,wheat flour.


This product should last for nearly 1.5 years unopened.

Nut SmakERs for Cockatiel

SKU: 644472002362

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