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Marlene Mc'Cohen's Signature Blend is a unique combination of USDA Organic Certified pellets, seeds and nuts. The result is a healthy, nutritious mix to feed your flock everyday. Feed approximately as much as your bird will consume in a day. Discard old food and feed fresh daily. Do not feed old or moldy food.Consult your avian veterinarian if you have specific diet related concerns.


  • This recipe is USDA organic certified and is completely free from GMO ingredients.
  • Created with the help of Marlene Mc’Cohen, a YouTube sensation.
  • 100% free from fillers—this food is made with only natural ingredients.
  • Completely free form corn, soy and peanuts.
  • Made in the USA for large parrots.



Pellet Ingredients: Alfalfa*, hulled millet*, barley*, rice*, sunflower seed hulled*, sesame seeds unhulled*, quinoa whole*, pumpkin*, buckwheat hulled*, dandelion leaf powder*, carrot powder*, spinach leaf powder*, purple dulse*, kelp*, rose hips powder*, rose hips crushed*, orange peel powder*, lemon peel powder*, rosemary whole leaf*, cayenne ground*, crushed red chili peppers*, nettle leaf*, cinnamon*. *organic

Seeds & Nuts: Barley*, Rye*, Oat Groats*, Hulled Millet*, Flax*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Milk Thistle*, Hazelnuts (chopped)*.*organic


This product should last for nearly 1.5 years unopened.

TOP's Parrot Food Marlene Mc'Ohen's Signature Blend, Small

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