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Online Info Classes

These classes were so great! There was so much good information. We brought Runner home right before Covid lockdown and were not able to take any classes at that time. We didn't feel like we were missing out, as we had spent so much time coming in to feed him and learn how to care for him from the wonderful staff at Sugarcreek. I think taking these classes now actually worked out perfectly as we were better able to evaluate things we should be doing and aren't and things we've forgotten or weren't really ready for in the beginning. Thank you so much for all you do to help us care for our feathered family members!

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Online Info Classes

This series comes highly recommended for anyone who is thinking of owning a bird, anyone who is purchasing a baby bird, and anyone who, like myself, has owned birds for the last 20 years. What we know about birds and their species are constantly changing and I feel its really important to not only stay on top of that information, but also received that information from a reputable source. Bernie shared her knowledge and presented this class in an environment that no matter where you were with your experience of bird owning, you felt comfortable to ask questions and share in your own experiences. Bernie and her staff also placed a lot of time and energy to present the most up to date data and her passion for birds really shines through. I am really glad I signed up for the series, as I feel even more prepared for my new baby and learned a lot of new information and refreshed on what I already knew but well slacked off a bit. Thank you to everyone at the birdfarm- I truly appreciate your dedication to enhance the quality of birds and bring those within the bird community along on this journey to always do better.

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