Same Products, Easier to Order

Here you can find the essential products that can be found in our physical store, and have them delivered to your door or ready to pick up at our store.


Order Online,
Pickup at the store!

If you don't have time to walk around our store, or already know what you need, BeakList is perfect for you. BeakList lets you order online and pick up in the store or via curbside. 

Just select "BeakList Pickup" as the shipping option at checkout. Your order will be ready within 2 hours during our open hours.  You items can be picked up anytime our store is open. 

BeakList Only Items

These items are made fresh and frozen by us at the store, and cannot be shipped. Any of these items must be picked up in-store or curbside. 


Grooming Appointments

Set your appointment online for any of our grooming services! We offer nails trim, wings trim, beak trims, baths, leg band removals, and DNA tests!


Food Birds Love

It doesn't matter if your bird loves pellets, only eats seeds, is a fruit fiend, or anything in between. Sugarcreek Bird Farm has old favorites, and possibly new ones, that your bird can't do without.


Vitamins and Supplements

Sometimes your feathered friend mind need something a little extra, and we're here to help.  From hormonal tea, to calcium additives, to color boosting supplements, we're bound to have something to help your bird's overall well being. 

Toy Parts

You don't have to pick from only the toys that we offer when you can simply make your own!  With over 200 toy parts, ropes, and combinable pieces, there is nearly no limit in what you can make. 

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